What's Included with a Project Liscense?

Project licenses Include the following information:

  • Floor Plan(s)
  • Dimension Plan(s)
  • Roof Plan
  • Building Section(s) at key locations
  • Exterior Elevations
  • Door Schedule
  • Window Schedule
  • Wall Sections at key locations

Note: The drawings described above are a typical builders construction set.  Depending on your project location additional drawings may be required for permitting or regulatory approval.   Additional drawings may be provided at an additional cost if required.   Email us with any additional questions you might have regarding what’s included with your architectural works project license.  When contacting us please indicate your preferred method of contact along with the acceptable hours to contact you (central standard time) if you wish to be contacted via phone.  We will contact you within a minimum of 24 hours (usually the same day) to answer any questions you might have.

Landscape Architecture

Architectural works do not include landscape architecture. Any landscape items including pools, hardscape and planting are not included in the architectural works license. In some instances on the plan area of the site we include diagramatic landscape information to assist the customer in visualizing the architectural design. This information is diagramtic in nature only and will not be included in the architectural works license the customer receives.

Receiving your Architectural Works license

  • Upon placing an order through 1shoppingcart and authorize.net, the customer will receive an email confirming his/her order.
  • Upon purchase we will transmit your base pdf construction document file within 24 hours.
  • Upon receipt please review the information fully and provide us with your feedback as to any modifications you would like to make to the base documents. We will then incorporate these into the construction documents and send you a final pdf file of the construction document set. Please note modifications are made at a rate of $125USD/hour
  • Each purchase will include a 24"x36" set of construction drawings in pdf file format (see What's Included section for a list of drawings included in a set of construction drawings).
  • Hard copies printed at 24"x36" of the construction document set may also be purchased at $250.00 USD per set plus shipping and handling.
  • Please note as a member of the American Institute of Architects we do not transmit electronic data such as cad drawings to the purchaser as this might be in conflict with the copyright of the referenced project.

Delivery Policy

As noted in the above section, digital pdf files of your construction drawing set will be emailed within 24 hours of confirmation of purchase. Final digital pdf files will be emailed upon completion of client revisions.

Sample Construction Drawings

Follow the link below to view a sampling of drawings from and actual construction set of drawings. For your project you will also receive interior elevations and a reflected ceiling plan not shown in the sample drawing set.

Link to sample drawing set for wf2studio modern home plan collection

Customization Options

  • Basic Modifications
    • All modifications shall be made at a rate of $125USD/hour  
    • Contact us for a free quote for additional customization required.

  • Structural Modifications
    • All base designs include wood framing for walls and open web wood trusses as roof framing. Any modifications required to conform to local building code requirements shall be made per the hourly rate noted above. We can provide an estimate of said modifications prior to completing the work if required.

  • Project Siting
    • If you have a survey of your property noting the legal building area we can create a site plan for your construction documents at the hourly rates noted above. We cam provide an estimate for creating the site plan prior to completing the work.

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Changes to WF2Studio's Privacy Policy

This privacy policy may be updated from time to time so you may wish to check it each time you submit personal information to the wf2studio website.

Liscensing Agreement

Copyright Information on wf2studio's Architectural Works

The term architectural works as used below refers to any architectural projects or designs created by wf2studio or its' subsidiaries. This specifically includes but is not necessarily limited to project licenses for sale for the WF200 series architectural works located in the plans section of the wf2studio website.  The term architectural works also pertains to any creative work performed by wf2studio or its' subsidiaries located within all other areas of the wf2studio website. In Accordance with the Copyright Acts of 1909 and 1976, the 1990 Architectural Works Copyright Protection Act("AWPCA"), and all other Copyright Protections provided by federal law,  wf2studio retains all copyright priveledges to our architectural works including but not  limited to the following:

  • All construction documentation for architectural works including but not limited to all plans, sections, elevations, schedules, specifications and other graphic and text information used to produce the architectural works.
  • All renderings and other graphic illustrations used to illustrate the architectural works.
  • All construction data that is proprietary in nature to wf2studios' architecural works.
  • Three dimensional constructions (or the likeness of) of any of the items mentioned above.

wf2studio Architectural Works General Licensing Information

When purchasing project licenses from wf2studio you are agreeing to abide by all licensing information contained within this section as follows:

  • Licenses purchased from wf2studio are intended for a 1 time only (1 project location) use.
  • Licenses are non-transferable and non-refundable. 
  • (1) additional license is required for each additional project location.
  • Additional licenses may be obtained on the wf2studio website at the full sales price as listed on the wf2studio website at the date of each new purchase.
  • Volume licenses may also be obtained from wf2studio at a negotiated rate. Please contact wf2studio via email if you wish to be contacted to discuss this option.
  • Purchase of an architectural works license does not transfer ownership or exclusive rights of said license to the purchaser.  Upon purchase, wf2studio and its' subsidiaries retain the copyright to the architectural works license purchased and all privledges said copyright affords.
  • Any reproductions of our architectural works without the express written consent of wf2studio or its’ subsidiaries is strictly prohibited.
  • Prior to purchase, it the customer’s responsibility to verify that the architectural work for which he/she is purchasing the license will comply with all local zoning, building codes, required property setbacks and easements and all other ordinances and laws having jurisdiction over the proposed project site.  See the project plan specifications area for overall project width and length.

Refunds for licensed projects

Please note, in order to further protect our copyright, we have a strict no refunds policy once a project is purchased through the credit card processing gateway.

Cancellation Policy

No cancellations will be accepted on any orders.

Secure Payment Portal

All payments shall be made through the secure payment portal at 1shoppingcart.com and authorize.net.  Please note that when making a purchase, wf2studio does not store your personal information including credit card information on the wf2studio server.  For detailed information regarding the secured payment process please visit the following link www.1shoppingcart.com and www.authorize.net for additional information.

Cost to Build

Project costs may vary based on quality of finish out, selection of contractor, project location, along with other unforeseen conditions that may be present at your project site.  Please consult with a builder in your region for additional pricing information. As part of our additional services offered through the site, we can work with our clients to research local builders along with a full range of construction administration services.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long will it take to get my set of plans?
A: See Whats Included and Sample Drawings sections of this website for additional information.

Q: Is it possible to modify a set of plans to suit my site?
A: Yes, see the Customize Area of this website for additional information.

Q: What is an architectural works license?
A: A license is a 1 time permission to use a set of plans. See Licensing Info section of this website for more information.

Q: Can I or my contractor call during construction if we have a question?
A: Yes, minor verbal clarifications to the contents of a set of plans are made free of charge for a maximum of 4 phone calls or 2 hours of total phone service. Beyond that we will charge our typical construction administation fee for additional service. Contact us for more details.

Q: Can you make modifications to the material pallette to a set of plans?
A: Yes, see the Customize section of this website for additional information.

Q: Can I share a set of plans or transfer the license for a set of plans?
A: No, See Licensing Agreement for additional information.

Q: Can I get a refund on a set of plans if I change my mind after making my purchase?
A: No, since these plans are copyright sensitive materials, all purchases are final.

Q: Will you have additional plans available on your website in the future.
A: Yes, we are continually developing new plans for our website. If you would like to be contacted when new plans are available send us an email request and we will add you to our mailing list.

See something missing from this FAQ area that you would like to have clarified, send us an email and we will be happy to answer any questions you might have.